New Communication System Lowers Costs and Improves Quality

VKS was officially launched in May at the American Society of Quality Conference in Indianapolis.

Briefly, VKS is comprised of a touch screen computer monitor or even an iPad or tablet and a bar code scanner, the computer is linked by Internet to secure VKS servers in Chicago.

When an employee on the shop floor is confronted by a new piece to be assembled or installed, processed or painted, he scans an attached bar code and his computer screen lights up with a series of instructions, in video, text and/or schematics.

There is no time lost by men and women on the shop floor trying to decipher file cabinets full of written instructions, often misfiled, damaged or out-of-date.

In fact, one of the features of the VKS system is that it can be instantly updated or modified. With feedback from employees on the floor, design and procedures can be altered immediately — one of the benefits of engineers working side by side with production teams, a powerful argument in itself for on-shoring.

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VKS , New Communication System Lowers Costs

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