Second Sight, Assembly Show

After only 10 minutes of walking The ASSEMBLY Show floor on opening day [October 29], I no longer felt the chill of a cold October morning in Chicagoland. The reason was not that the show floor hall was warm. Rather it was that my thoughts had turned to Jamaica after coming across the Jamaica Promotions Corp. (JAMPRO) booth.

“Last year we didn’t attend because there was not enough time for us to include exhibiting here in our budget,” explains Ricardo Durrant, manager—manufacturing, energy and mining for Jamaica Promotions Corp. “This year we made sure to be here and increase attendees’ awareness of manufacturing opportunities in Jamaica, including assembly and fabrication.”

JAMPRO is a government agency that promotes exporting to Jamaica and business investment opportunities in the country. Durrant says that Kingston—the country’s capital and largest city—offers logistic capabilities equal to those of Rotterdam (The Netherlands), Singapore and Dubai (United Arab Emirates). Durrant says Jamaica also offers a very skilled labor force.

“Manufacturing accounts for 19 percent of total employment, $723 million (U.S.) in exports and 8.3 percent of GDP,” says Durrant. “The sector comprises more than 300 companies. In addition, electronics assembly and fabrication are beginning to emerge.”

JAMPRO was one of more than 35 companies exhibiting at TAS for the first time. Another was Elk Grove, IL-based Delta Precision Circuits Inc., which supplies quality PCBs to manufacturers in a wide range of industries.

“We’re here to reach contract manufacturers that need any type of PCB,” says Janice Rosario, sales and marketing manager for Delta Precision Circuits Inc. “All of our products are custom-made, and include single-side, double-side and multi-layer PCBs.”

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