Global Supply Chain Summit 2017 - VKS Shares a Practical Vision of Innovation

The International Aerospace Week was held at the Palais des congrès de Montréal from April 3 to 7, 2017. The Global Supply Chain Summit on April 4 was the event that drew the most attention with over 500 participants and significant media coverage. One of the main themes was ‘From Vision to Reality: Breaking Through the World of 4.0. Aero Montréal successfully organized the event by putting forward numerous quality speakers and panelists as well as a new 4.0 Demo Zone.The 4.0 Demo Zone grouped together 24 providers of new technologies such as: robotics, automation, Big Data solutions, interconnection, knowledge sharing or training solutions. VKS, our partner Merkur, and Radix were given the opportunity to participate as speakers and exhibitors.During the discussion panel, Merkur addressed the challenges of Quebec’s aerospace industry and presented five reachable solutions for manufacturers. VKS - Visual Knowledge Share - was among these solutions.

Continuous Improvement - A Corporate Culture to Implement

One may see continuous improvement (CI) as a punctual event at some point in the life of the company. A project to implement, a training to attend, and there you go - you’ve reached your continuous improvement goal of the year. For specialists such as Michel Labrecque, CMP-Advanced Mechanical Solutions’ Human Resources Vice-President, CI is way more than that: it’s a corporate culture that more companies need to activate for their own benefit. In fact, CI is a must in a world where technology changes the world at a speed never experienced before. Here’s what Mr. Labrecque had to say about a concept.

What is continuous improvement?