The Assembly Show


Tabletop robots, error-proof fastening tools and a manufacturing app for the Google Glass were among the myriad new technologies that dazzled manufacturing engineers and managers attending the second annual ASSEMBLY Show.

Second Sight, Assembly Show


After only 10 minutes of walking The ASSEMBLY Show floor on opening day [October 29], I no longer felt the chill of a cold October morning in Chicagoland. The reason was not that the show floor hall was warm. Rather it was that my thoughts had turned to Jamaica after coming across the Jamaica Promotions Corp. (JAMPRO) booth.

Congratulations to our 2 awarded VKS Employees


This is MP&P’s second year celebrating the best and brightest up-and-comers in Canada’s metalworking industry with our Top 20 Under 40 honours. This year, we received entries from right across the country. Honourees include business owners, apprentice machinists, welders, fabricating specialists, and researchers — among others. All of the people included here have a broad skill set and a commitment to making this industry the best that it can be.