Access & Security

Access and Security with VKS is simple to do and control. Access it via any modern browser with JavaScript enabled. VKS uses HTTPS communication and IP filtering at all times to ensure only the desired users can view your valuable information.

The VKS Software solution is available on the Cloud (SaaS) or on your own Server (Standalone).  Your server version is therefore protected behind your firewall and security processes.


There is no software to download for the Cloud (SaaS) option. You can use Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari or any modern browser to access and use VKS any time, any where. Don’t worry though, we can also provide a private standalone version, if your IT guys don’t like the cloud! Access to the cloud or standalone version is done with role based login. Depending on the role of the user, VKS will only allow access to certain sections of the software.

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VKS - Features_Security_Title

SaaS Security

Your data is secure with VKS. All of your written content is backed-up in real-time and backed up off-site once every hour. Any files you upload are securely stored on our servers, and copied daily to our off-site backups. Our servers are hosted by Rackspace at different geo locations. Data centre access is limited to Rackspace employees and servers are physically protected by biometric scanning, security camera monitoring and 24×7 onsite staff to prevent unauthorised entry. All facilities are independently audited by specialist physical security firms. All of our server software and firewalls are regularly updated, and carefully monitored. Passwords are heavily encrypted within our databases, and can never be seen in plain-text. All data sent to our servers pass through a 256Bit SSL encrypted connection (similar to what banks use). VKS also includes an IP filtering mechanism, which can be used to tightly control access by location and user roles.