Creativity & Communication

Creativity and communication comes as standard with VKS. The limit to what you create is your imagination. Use all the versatile tools within VKS to make your message understood. Creating your best practice visual work instructions has never been easier. 

Creativity with versatile tools

VKS has many tools for you to use to help you make clear precise work instructions: Create step by step work instructions using videos, pictures and text. Add annotations to highlight key information using arrows, boxes, circles and droplets. Collect live information using infinitely flexible forms. Use picture in picture to clarify your needs. link to other documents like drawings or specifications. Divide your work instruction for production line single piece flow. And much more. Keep track of your creativity with automatic version control with history.

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VKS has many different methods to allow full communication to seamlessly occur within your business: Use the right Visibility mode to make sure the right level of information is given to maximise efficiency ie. Setup, production and expert. Email the person who needs to know when a specific work instruction has been opened or if data entered is outside of tolerances. Send notifications if a job is not complying to cycle or takt times. Add an alert to highlight a critical point within your work instruction. Alerts can be Health & Safety, Quality, Productivity, whatever you choose! Or simply ‘Send a message’.