Reports & KPIs

Reports and KPI’s are available the instant a work instruction is started. All the data gathered is viewable and searchable in the VKS information management software.


The reports within VKS contain all the information you need to understand your processes: Work instruction information such as version, author’s name and when it was published. Productivity data such as quantity complete, setup time and run time. Efficiency breakdown showing how each person performed on a shared job. Events such as start time, when an inspection was done and when a message was sent for support. And Forms, every instance your work instruction requested specific information during a job it is record and represented in this section. All this information is easily searchable, printable and exportable from VKS.

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VKS - Features_KPIs_Title


Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are a graphical interface within VKS to allow you to quickly identify improvement areas. You are able to look at your performance results from historical and live data. With live results you can make live proactive decisions. With a click of a button you can dive into the reports associated to the KPI, giving you the abililty to understand what drove that result and implement continuous improvement as it happens.