ToolConnect & API

VKS ToolConnect and the API are the features you need to become the smart factory. Your facility can become IOT integrated using the VKS intuitive software solution. Connect to your tool’s or other softwares to push and pull information. With VKS you can reduce the tedium of manually entering data into your smart tools or reporting data into your ERP.


VKS is capable of connecting to the latest smart tools to seamlessly auto advance through your work instructions. You can push data to your tools to execute a specific operation or step. You can then receive data back to record the results and the success of the task. All of which is searchable and viewable in the automatically generated reports. VKS can provide a connector which can make your old tools smart, allowing them to become part of your IOT. ToolConnect provides a simple solution to maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of your work instructions. Toolconnect keeps you, your instructions and your tools in perfect synchronisation.

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An Application Program Interface (API), is a method in which various types of software are able to communicate with each other. With the VKS API you will be able to pull in work order information from your ERP, execute the tasks to plan, and then push the results back to the ERP. You will be able to communicate between your system: quantity complete, setup time, run time, or any data you need to achieve operational excellence. With the API running in the background you greatly reduce or remove the need for any manual data reporting within your ERP and therefore greatly reduce the chance for errors. The VKS API is able to exchange data with any other system with an API, not just an ERP. To find out more contact our support team.