Traceability & Accountability

Traceability and Accountability are fully integrated into the software. Every event which takes place when following a visual work instruction is recorded. Therefore you will know who did what and when. You can also capture process critical information such as serial codes, dimensions, angles or batch numbers. The information you want seamlessly collected live and searchable any time. With traceability comes accountability.


Whilst you work through a visual instruction, VKS captures and records all the data. The results can then be reviewed within the reports or live as it happens through the KPI’s. Using the VKS form feature, you can collect the information critical to your process, it is only limited by your imagination. So when something goes wrong or right you can find out what events took place - who carried out the task, when did they do it, what measurements did they take, what quality checks did they do - all at the click of a button.

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VKS - Features_Accountability_Title


With the VKS information management system collecting all your valuable data, accountability occurs naturally. Everyone using VKS will know their performance and will be able to review it. Opportunities for improvement can be easily seen. Whether it is performing a job faster than everyone else, or your ability to exceed the quality goals, VKS can help you spot the differences. You can now capture those opportunities and push them back into your work instructions. Now everyone can perform to the highest levels. Of course if problems occur, you can spot them too and proactively support anyone who needs help.