Work instructions

Visual work instructions are a fundamental starting point for any business striving to standardize and continuously improve their processes. With VKS you can standardize your best practices, eradicate tribal knowledge, reduce errors, increase efficiency and most importantly bring happiness to your customers! Make visual work instructions and VKS your stable foundation and the springboard for continuous improvement and your ongoing success.

Create your visual work instructions

With VKS you can rapidly create visual work instructions and quickly share them with the people who need to know. You can have videos, pictures, text, tables, annotations, forms, alerts and a myriad of other features to describe your best practice work instruction. With this intuitive software, you can create work instructions in minutes and have all your people working the same way; the best way. You can create on any device. Whether it is a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone - in fact anything that can run a modern browser.

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Share and view your visual work instructions

All your work instructions can be accessed and used anywhere, either using our cloud based service or via your own personal server. In both instances you can control who and where access is allowed. With this intuitive software, every person in your business can follow your structured step by step work instructions, ensuring that your process controls or operational manuals are carried out correctly each and every time. You can view on any device, anything that can run a modern browser.