VKS Enterprise - IoT

All the benefits of Lite and Pro plus the power of connectivity and global control. Connect all your software solutions through APIs with VKS Enterprise! Centralized information is today’s best practice in connected manufacturing.

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IoT and Integration

VKS Enterprise provides the capability to integrate into any other software or system via its API. Integration minimizes human error and time spent maintaining your systems, allowing them to maximize their time value-adding to your products.

API Connectivity

Connect to an ERP, MES, LMS or QMS and capitalize on bi-directional communication. Push your work order requirements onto your shop floor and seamlessly collect and push back actual work time, quantities and order status.

API Customized Reporting

Utilize all the data you capture in VKS to generate your own customized reports which are tailored to your company's exact needs. Whether you have a ‘Big data’ software or use excel, the API can provide all the information you need in the format you like.

Easy Authentication with Active Directory

Thanks to the use of LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol), OAuth (Open Authorization) and Active Directory (AD) being seamlessly integrated into VKS, there is no need for your employees to remember multiple usernames and passwords.

Global Control (Centralized Management)

Apply mass updates using shared forms and rules. Create and modify guidebook templates and automatically apply them to hundreds of work instructions at once. Centralize and publish your best practices in a single interface and free up your time for other value added activities

Available on the Cloud or On-Premise
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