VKS ToolConnect - Industry 4.0

ToolConnect is an add-on to the Pro and Enterprise packages. As your central hub for data, ToolConnect helps you connect your machinery with VKS providing a world class man-machine interface. Build poka-yoke processes and enforce error-proofing mechanisms.

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VKS ToolConnect Features

With ToolConnect, experience advanced manufacturing: connect your workers with the tools and equipment they use to improve productivity. Implement true poka-yoke and eliminate quality issues and human error.

ToolConnect IO Box

ToolConnect IO Box

Auto advance step-by-step work instructions. With your ToolConnect IO (Input Output) Box, your machinery communicates to VKS when operations are completed. As the required action is completed, VKS automatically responds by displaying the next step of the procedure.

ToolConnect keeps operators in sync without any interaction. With connected workers, get instant feedback directly from the shop floor.

ToolConnect IoT

ToolConnect IoT

ToolConnect IoT communicates with open protocol tools and devices. Capture torque values directly from DC tools (viewable in reports, exportable to Excel and via API). This add-on works with all OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) products that support open protocol communication for seamless data transmission. ToolConnect IoT is your central hub for man-machine connectivity data.

Google glass technology

In the Works

At VKS, we love innovation and we are always looking for ways to advance our solution . Watching over both manufacturing and technology worlds, we’re continuously developing our system with our users’ feedback as well as taking advantage of the latest trends and advancements. We plan on adding communication capabilities for test benches, MTConnect, and advancing our PLC connectivity in future releases.

Available as an add-on for cloud and on-premise.
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