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Accountability and performance

Managers want their people to be accountable and responsible for their actions. To be safe in the knowledge that each job has been executed according to the process, each and every time. A manager then wants to see the results and be able to capitalize on opportunities that maximize performance and minimize cost. The VKS solution allows you to automatically guarantee accountability. All events carried out are captured and viewable, either via printable reports or through the Key performance indicators (KPI's). With the live KPI's you can proactively take actions to ensure your targets are consistently met.

Human Resources

Brain drain and tribal Knowledge

Human Resources know that the biggest problem facing companies today is brain drain. The people with the most experience and knowledge are looking for a change or are about to retire. So how do you prevent the information you rely on from walking out the door? VKS allows you to capture the tips n tricks of your processes and to create your best practices in clearly defined work instructions. Singularly eradicating tribal knowledge.

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Repeatability and efficiency

Production is a thankless task. Health, safety, quality, on-time delivery, productivity and all the other changing demands make the job a massive pain. With these factors, it is key for production managers to have standardized processes, a flexible workforce and live data. VKS can help you build your processes, allowing your workforce to seamlessly move from job to job, efficiently performing their tasks. With live key performance indicators you will have the ability to make proactive decisions in real time.


Best practices and revision control

Engineering is logically applying your knowledge and building on it. You must achieve a stable base by having clearly defined work instructions. With that, you can investigate issues and apply corrections in a controlled manner. Your actions are then validated and the results confirmed. With VKS, you can capture your processes and develop them into your company's Best Practices. The intuitive user interface allows you to rapidly build and deploy your work instructions live on the shop floor. Each time you make an improvement, revision control is automatically applied. No more chasing documents, you can now concentrate on continuous improvement.

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Process control and traceability

Do it right the first time. A simple statement to make, but how to achieve it? From first principles, you need well designed work instructions, your most efficient control plans and empowered people who own their processes. The VKS solution gives you the ability to embed your control plans seamlessly within your work instructions. As your instructions are executed so to are your validations, measurements, and data capture. The information collected is automatically person, date and time stamped.