Continuous Improvement - A Corporate Culture to Implement


One may see continuous improvement (CI) as a punctual event at some point in the life of the company. A project to implement, a training to attend, and there you go - you’ve reached your continuous improvement goal of the year. For specialists such as Michel Labrecque, CMP-Advanced Mechanical Solutions’ Human Resources Vice-President, CI is way more than that: it’s a corporate culture that more companies need to activate for their own benefit. In fact, CI is a must in a world where technology changes the world at a speed never experienced before. Here’s what Mr. Labrecque had to say about a concept.

A Customer's Testimony - RAB Switches from Tribal to Visual Knowledge with VKS


Ever wondered what visual work instructions are? Do you spend your company’s time and money training new employees over and over again to make the same product? RAB Lighting, a leading LED lighting manufacturer, has benefitted significantly by using VKS. In this article, RAB explains how it implemented VKS and what the #1 work instruction solution in the market has been doing to sustain RAB’s lean processes.

Change. A Matter of Survival!


Throughout human history, we’ve experienced technological advancements that pushed the boundaries of the possible. So far we’ve been able to visit the moon, transplant artificial organs to human beings, invent the internet… Though change might look frightening at first sight, it is essential, from a business standpoint, to embrace it and see it as an opportunity for improvement.

Release Alert - VKS 5.0 is here!


We are proud to announce the launch of R5, the newest release of the VKS Solution! Take advantage of the new features in the smartest and most innovative work instructions solution on the market! Made of hard work and devotion, R5 will fulfill your needs for more productivity, quality, and profitability! Be excited about discovering the awesome perks of VKS 5.0 !



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