"VKS, the Manufacturing GPS" Says Scott Electronics - A Customer's Testimony

Navigating through manufacturing can be difficult. Many manufacturers around the world are looking for a reliable solution that will guide them to their final destination, helping them reach their business goals. Scott Electronics inc., a successful American contract manufacturer has found that guide in VKS (Visual Knowledge Share), calling it the Manufacturing GPS. Thanks to Scott’s officers - brothers Scott and David, respectively Director of Quality and Director of Operations, and Jason Caverly, Operations Manager -, here is a user experience testimonial on how VKS has been their guide to sustainable success.

Scott Electronics - A Leading One Piece Flow Manufacturer

The family-run business, just as VKS, has operated since 1986. With 2 facilities located in Salem, New Hampshire (USA) and in Nogales, Sonora (Mexico), Scott Electronics is a successful contract manufacturer that builds cables and assemblies for various industries such as medical and homeland security.

The lean manufacturer operates in high mix- low volume environment, focusing on wire and cable harnessing, fiber optic assembly, and more. They specialize in MRI technology, TSA equipment in airports, and blood analyzing equipment amongst many other products. With nearly 200 employees in both facilities, Scott Electronics is ISO and ITAR certified, among other certifications.

Being a lean manufacturing advocate and practitioner - VKS helped Scott Electronics to transition to single piece flow, a major lean manufacturing concept -, the company knows that improved work methods have a significant impact on processes. That’s why Scott’s leaders enjoy benefitting from VKS which guides the employees through simplified yet efficient procedures. In the niche market they’re in, advanced work methods are a concrete advantage over the competition.

Regarding the Manufacturing GPS

VKS is a versatile tool that can bring benefits to companies in many ways, but Scott Electronics have their own way of describing the solution. VKS reminds them of the transition from the map to the GPS. In the past when you wanted to drive somewhere you had to pull out this big clunky map. You didn’t know if it was outdated, it was hard to read, and you couldn't use it easily while driving. Then the GPS came out and guaranteed information in real time, that was always up-to-date, and easy to understand.

That's what VKS does for manufacturing. Everyone used to use paper (the map), and now they have the option to use tools like VKS (the GPS) where operators can see information in real time while they are working, in a visual, intuitive way. The impact and benefit that derive from this will help lead manufacturers into a new era of operational excellence.

Quality Products Need the Right Quality Management Tool

Being a company that sells products globally requires world-class standards. VKS sustains international quality management requirements. Scott Electronics can count on VKS for quality processes and products, as well as growing their market share with an effective quality management system.

As Scott sells highly targeted products, using visual and precise work instructions made with VKS is undoubtedly heading to success.

Learn more on Quality Management in Industry 4.0. View infographics here.

Success Is Overcoming Challenges

Scott Electronics has experienced some challenges, as many manufacturing companies do. Sustaining change, trying to standardize the work, sustain innovation, establishing KPI analysis, scheduling the customer's variation and demands as there is great flexibility in the industry, etc. The solution Scott Electronics found was a new ERP (Enterprise resource planning) and MRP (Material requirements planning) platform. But they needed more. They wanted to be able to enhance that software with a tool that would help collect data while displaying visual procedures.

Embracing Change as an Opportunity to Improve

At some point in time, Scott Electronics had to make bold decisions as often do “aspiring” lean companies. It was time to increase productivity, improve efficiency, and lower costs. The manufacturer established a better training program and implemented VKS. According to Scott’s officers, VKS was the missing piece to sustain best practices and to truly become a visual factory.

Here are 10 good reasons to choose VKS.

Getting Paper Off the Shop Floor

Before using digital documentation, there were different prints on the shop floor with a lot of verbiage and writing. Despite having the documentation, people were doing things their own ways, without a standardized way of working. There were multiple variations in producing the same product. Therefore, control was a little more difficult in such a context. Getting paper off the floor was not just a need, it was a necessity.

Now that Scott Electronics has turned into a visual factory with VKS, there is a higher level of control and all employees are doing the job the exact same way. Quality and efficiency have increased with standardized visual work instructions.

Complex Processes Made Simple with Versatile VKS

Visual work instructions, smart forms, productivity monitoring tools… VKS is equipped to meet a wide range of needs. Thanks to the versatility of VKS, Scott Electronics has had an opportunity to apply the solution in a wide range of applications such as auditing, maintenance on machines, incoming inspection, in-process work instructions, and more. The company is transitioning to fully integrate VKS throughout every process within the factory.

With complete EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and barcode structure (employees badges and processes are “barcoded”), and a wide flat screen to project live KPIs, Scott Electronics is ready to get the best out of the VKS application.

Taking Continuous Improvement Seriously

Scott Electronics is definitely a company focused on continuous improvement. VKS has been a part of their improvement and Scott Electronics is working with VKS towards this ongoing journey to excellence.

Aside of reducing variation and increasing efficiency, VKS has helped Scott Electronics identify their strong points and weaknesses within their processes. This insight has given Scott’s officers the right data to approach and improve operations in a strategic fashion. They’ve since been able to make informed decisions rapidly and for the greater benefit of the company.

In addition to this, VKS has also helped Scott Electronics increase throughput, thereby helping to increase their overall capacity and effectiveness.

Continuous improvement is definitely a corporate culture to implement. Learn more here.

For the People by the People

Scott Electronics is a very employee centric organization as they know it is their people that are the most important part of the company. In any company it is always the people that help make it successful. By having VKS as a solution to better share their knowledge, it has helped pave their way to continuous improvement.

Scott Electronics also explain how their customers love VKS! Thanks to the standardized processes, traceability, and the visual environment, their customers are delighted to work with a smart factory representing Industry 4.0!

In Conclusion

According to Scott Electronics, VKS is a great company with a great platform. We at VKS are honored to make customers happy. Born from a manufacturer’s experience, the VKS application was crafted and still is evolving in a manufacturing environment. We know how to address and solve problems manufacturers may face. Thanks Scott Electronics for sharing your experience with the VKS application!

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