Engineering firm IMEG partnered with VKS after seeing impressive results: a 50% decrease in training time and a 65% improvement in work instruction creation time compared to Microsoft Office suite. Learn how you can similarly take advantage of our mutually beneficial partnership program.

Elevators, escalators, and autowalks bring to mind thoughts of waiting to reach the next destination. But KONE, a company that is dedicated to the advancement of urban flow, is not waiting for anything. By enhancing their operations with smart manufacturing tools like VKS, KONE Coal Valley is achieving new levels of people flow, both outside and inside the business.

Valve Research, provider of parts for aerospace and oceanographic applications, has continuously improved regarding both quality and assembly processes. We sat down with Rasheed Ingleton, Manufacturing Engineer for the Assembly & Test Department, to talk more about how VKS helped facilitate the parts manufacturer’s digitization process at its Florida-based facility.

Digital transformation is essential for modern innovation. Intelligent systems that make the most of our energy and resources enable the industry to take huge leaps forward into sustainable growth. For Schneider Electric Dinel, a leader in sensor technology, work instruction software paved the way for the next step in their digital transformation journey.

Mitsubishi’s innovative MOVE elevators rise to new heights of efficiency and sustainability due to the benefits of standardized work and digital data collection with VKS Enterprise software.

Experienced workers are a major asset to any organization. They have the experience to solve complex problems and the vision to push forward under any circumstance. Training new employees to this level of proficiency takes countless hours… or does it? Let’s explore how Chesterton leveraged VKS Enterprise to cut their training times in half and effectively share knowledge across their workforce.

With over 40 years of experience in sales, merchandising, e-commerce, and customer service, Melric is a turnkey strategic partner for companies looking to increase the visibility of their product on the Canadian market. We had the privilege of speaking with Melric about how they are using VKS to advance the capabilities of their business and pave the way for others within the field service industry.

The Digital Factory Team leadership identified VKS digital work instructions as the go-to solution for their need to capture and transfer both tribal knowledge and best practices across global manufacturing centers.

Using our work instruction software, TE Connectivity embarked on a digital transformation journey in manufacturing to drive its operations' quality and increase productivity.

As a leader in the digital billboard market, Watchfire Signs maintains a record of elegantly engineering high-quality signage for any environment. It was Watchfire Sign's dedication to quality and innovation that made them pursue new ways to boost their employees' knowledge and strengthen their training resources. In one year with VKS, Watchfire Signs was able to meet their initial goals of improving training, decreasing document creation times, and facilitating an efficient approval process.

Industry 4.0 products deserve Industry 4.0 packaging. With over 45 years of experience, Smith Induspac has been providing quality smart packaging solutions for companies with valuable products, technology, and materials. Much of today’s focus in modern manufacturing is directed towards the products, tools, and technology of the era. But within manufacturing, how we package these items is just as important as the items themselves.

As a high variety, low volume manufacturer, Nidec was in need of a work instruction software that could keep up with the high diversity that their processes included. As a result of the high variety of products made, training is a challenge because by the time an operator is fully trained on one machine, it then becomes time to switch gears and learn something else entirely. While it used to take five hours or more to create work instructions before, it now takes just two hours to complete!

For Crystal Group, the number one challenge rests within going above and beyond standards that are inherently high from the start. They turned to using our work instruction software to bolster training and reinforce high quality and efficiency standards.

Along with going digital with their work instructions, Crystal Group also wanted to ensure that they would accomplish their goals in the first couple of months of deploying the software on the shop floor.


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