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Our Story

Born from a manufacturing company in 2011 to meet internal needs, Visual Knowledge Share Ltd. (VKS) has rapidly grown into an innovative software provider serving customers in over 30 countries.

In the early 70s CMP AMS was founded, a local sheet metal fabrication shop just outside of the bustling, multilingual hub Montreal. A family run business that grew from one facility and a handful of employees, to over 400 employees and operations in both Chateauguay, QC, and Binghamton, NY.

Dealing with ever-changing demands, building complex products for a wide array of industries, CMP learned early on how challenging their operations could be. With some jobs repeating every week, and others only every 6 months it became very difficult to remain effective. How do the operators remember the set-up information for that job, on that machine? How do they output high levels of productivity on a complex assembly that they may never have seen before? How do you know what quality standards are required when you may process dozens of different jobs for different customers, in the same day? The answer was Digital Work Instructions.

Designed to be intuitive and easy to use, VKS was developed through a talented team of software engineers to help CMP remain world class. Originally implemented in 2012, our solution helped CMP achieve a 20% gain in productivity across their shop, and an impressive reduction in external defects.

Our Vision

Our Vision

With a 28% turnover rate in manufacturing in the US alone, and a digital era upon us with a plethora of information, it is critical for companies to begin looking towards the future and adopt new solutions, concepts, and ideas to remain effective.

At VKS our vision is to provide an accessible solution for small to large companies to achieve success. We know first hand how tough manufacturing can be. Solutions need to be easy to use and flexible to support the diverse environments manufacturers are faced with.

Internally we focus on health, wellness and fun. Work hard and play hard. It is our goal to share our knowledge with the rest of the world, and their prerogative to pass it along.

“Since the dawn of human history, tools have been key to our success. VKS represents just that. A tool for companies to ensure ongoing success in their operations as the evolution continues. By capturing the knowledge and experience of senior operators and talented engineers, VKS allows companies to isolate best processes and guarantee they are followed every time.”

Ryan Zimmermann
Ryan Zimmermann

Director of Business Development at Visual Knowledge ShareLtd.

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