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Reduce Production-Line Errors

The expense of production-line errors creeps through multiple levels of an organization and results in one of the main aerospace industry challenges. When a part is improperly tooled or assembled, one must factor-in the cost of the time required to evaluate the rework, the time needed to rework the piece, and in a worst case scenario, the cost of the material if the unit cannot be salvaged. Although it is impossible to promise the eradication of all production-line errors, VKS can help you significantly reduce them. By creating step-by-step visual work instructions to guide your operators, you can assure they have all the instructions they need to successfully assemble a unit. Features such as ToolConnect IoT even go as far as assuring that your exact torque requirements are respected during the assembly process. VKS’ version control and training acknowledgment features also ensure that your work-force will always be using the latest instructions and that only qualified workers will be performing the tasks.

Facilitate Sustainability and Environmental Mindfulness

Sustainability and environmental mindfulness are a growing part of the aerospace industry. With roughly 12,000 aircrafts estimated to be retired during the next 20 years, industry leaders are strategizing on ways to optimize how parts can be reused and recycled. Aerospace companies looking to increase their sustainability, such as members of the Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association (AFRA), will appreciate the ease with which VKS enables users to document each unit’s history. Since most aircrafts have an average service lifespan of 20-25 years, retracing precise information on how parts were constructed and which products were used in their construction can be challenging. This information is vital when it comes time to diagnose if a part can safely be recycled. With VKS, users can integrate Production Information Forms (PIF) into their guidebooks, allowing them to thoroughly document and detail every aspect of each unit’s production. This information is stored in the organization’s reports and can be quickly accessed whenever it is needed.

Globally Consistent Quality

Aircraft manufacturing is a highly globalized domain that sees companies reach across countries and continents in order to deliver the most performing and cost efficient product possible. Although this does allow companies to find the right manufacturer for their parts, it can present challenges such as language barriers and inconsistent methodology between sites. Our system helps users transcend these issues by helping companies create image-based work instructions that can be easily translated into over 30 languages. These guidebooks ensure that regardless of where your part is assembled, operators will follow the same methodology during the assembly and the inspection of the items.

Recommended Suite | VKS Pro

  • Reduce production-line errors.

    Reduce production-line errors.

  • Facilitate sustainability and environmental mindfulness.

    Facilitate sustainability and environmental mindfulness.

  • Share best practices on a global scale.

    Share best practices on a global scale.

Key Features

  • Work Instructions

    Standardize your processes.

  • ToolConnect IoT

    Enforce your torque requirements.

  • Training Requirement

    Ensure a qualified workforce.

  • Production Information Forms

    Document your product.

  • Translation Feature

    Your instructions in over 20 languages.

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