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What Are Digital Work Instructions?

Digital Work Instruction

Digital work instructions represent the evolution of traditional printed instructions. With VKS, procedures and documentation are digital for easier use, better understanding, and quicker updates. Made of photos, videos, audio recordings, charts, plans, and much more, visual work methods guarantee less confusion and higher quality results. In addition to this, digital work instructions provide a paperless, data processing tool that gathers real-time information for better control of your operations.
With digital procedures, you will be able to track your work and information, communicate with your team, and have full visibility of in-process work.
Working with a visual documentation software will make the job easier and faster.

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Benefiting from Digital Work Instructions

Increase your productivity

'Seeing is believing', says the proverb. Visual instructions help operators achieve quality results with step-by-step visual instructions. Even complex procedures are easier to understand and to execute when displayed on VKS! Standardize your best practices into the web app's friendly interface. Digital instructions help your employees follow the most efficient methods, thus increasing your productivity.

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Dramatically reduce defects

Experience shows that VKS helps companies reduce defects by maximizing quality. With our solution, operators hit the target the first time, leaving little to no place for error. The preciseness of digital work instructions helps achieve high levels of effectiveness, making wastes exceptions, rather than recurrent incidents.


VKS keeps your knowledge in-house

Stressed because your experienced employees are about to retire and you haven’t figured out how to effectively keep their knowledge inside your walls? Are your best workers leaving for vacation and you’re afraid the quality of your products is going to be impacted? Standardize your employees’ best practices within VKS as a continuous improvement project and keep years of experience in-house!


Keep track of everything with traceability

Whether a client is asking for proof the job was well done, or you would like to promote employee accountability, VKS’s traceability features have you covered! A wide range of information is gathered within the application to offer you a clear vision of your factories’ activities.

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Collect real-time data to make informed decisions

Supporting live KPIs, and SPC chart data in real time, VKS will keep you up to date and provide a clear picture of your operations. Live information will help you save time and react rapidly. In a world where information is readily available and spreads faster than ever, real-time data is a must-have in order to stay competitive.

Real-Time Data

Optimize time-use

Time is money, and VKS is a big time saver. By eliminating time-consuming wastes with advanced and efficient work methods, you’ll have time to make more revenue. Having fewer defects to deal with means no rework for these goods. Switching pages in a voluminous and confusing paper work instruction is no longer necessary when you can simply scan a barcode and digitally view the correct work instruction in seconds. Time saved across your operations means more money for you.

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Paperless Solution

Save trees with our paperless solution

Historical work methods wasted a lot of paper. With VKS, you can make a significant impact on the environment by migrating towards a digital, user-friendly system. Our solution will help you hit your environmental goals.

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Annotated images
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Instantly share updated instructions
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Automatic version control
Can be built right on your tablet!
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