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In 2015, there were 15.5 billion Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices.

By 2025, the global number of connected devices is projected to reach 75.55 billion.

Avoid downtime and use VKS to achieve a full digital transformation t day.


Every year, consumers expect a new line-up of the fastest and best performing electronic devices. Keeping up with the high demand resulting from this rapid evolution is one of the top electronics industry challenges. The reality is that continuing to rely on paper work instructions means having to accept that these are either skim-read or not read at all by operators on the shop floor.

By digitizing previously paper-maintained work instructions with VKS Guidebooks and switching to Electronic Device History Reports (eDHR), you can decrease assembly errors and cycle times. Electronic work instructions also help gain higher levels of traceability. When needed, new work instruction guidebooks can be created with ready-to-use templates, which help reduce the time spent creating new instructions. Adding an extra layer of peace of mind, the Submit for Review feature ensures work instructions are only published following the necessary approval process.

With the VKS cutting-edge software, keeping track of each detail is streamlined as data is automatically collectable on virtually any production aspect throughout the assembly process, from individual product information, all the way to operator efficiency. Data is also obtainable in real time through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that track productivity, quality, work time, and more.


The electronics industry is now experiencing a growing shortage of components supply. This situation is largely due to the rapid multiplication of IoT connected devices, short product life cycles, and the increase of connectivity within the automotive industry.

Although price volatility is going to continue to present a major challenge for electronics manufacturers, the variation in supply and demand can be mitigated with the VKS software. Instead of reinventing processes with each change in inventory, contract manufacturers’ digital work instructions are modifiable on short notice with just a few clicks.

Different viewing mode options increase productivity by only displaying the most crucial instructions to experienced operators already familiar with a portion of the steps. In the event of a production line failure, operators are presented with the opportunity to either fill out a Non-Conformance Report (NCR) or a Non-Conformance Resolution when a solution is found. As a result, all information is always digitized and easily accessible in one place.


Growing at an unprecedented speed, the Internet of Things (IoT) has driven the electronics industry to become one of the most indispensable to society. It’s also the industry with the greatest obligation to provide dependable products and services.

Up until now, the main method of operating has consisted of using Microsoft Excel to manage Bills of Materials (BOMs). However, it’s now impossible for electronics manufacturers to overlook the resulting high potential for human error as these are editable by almost anyone. With the VKS User Permissions feature, you can lock down BOMs by only allowing specific groups to modify them and receive notifications about any revisions. Meanwhile, other groups may be configured to view-only without the risk of data being altered or deleted.

By connecting your ERP or MES to the VKS API, you can leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) to centralize your BOMs and all other data. This provides the advantage of expediting product transfers and simplifying communications between various departments across the globe. As a result, full traceability is a major asset as it allows Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) to service faulty parts instead of replacing an entire product.

“Shortly after the adoption of VKS, Jabil Advanced Mechanical Solutions went through a systematic implementation by targeting the most problematic areas first. Today we are graced with a high quality, highly productive organization that produces standardized products and continues to impress our customers with our high levels of process control.”

Recommended Suite | VKS Enterprise

  • Reduce errors with device history records.

    Reduce errors with device history records.

  • Perform mass updates for procedures.

    Perform mass updates for procedures.

  • Gain complete traceability through data collection.

    Gain complete traceability through data collection.

Key Features

  • Ready-to-Use Templates

    Save time creating new visual work instructions.

  • KPI Tracking

    Monitor productivity, quality, work time, etc.

  • Inspection Requirement

    Prompt operators with in-process quality checks.

  • User Permissions

    Restrict vital information to designated groups.

  • API Integration

    Connect an ERP, MES, or any other software.

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