The Work Instruction Software That Fuels Continuous Improvement

Digitize your operations and transform into a Smart Factory with VKS work instructions.

Worker hands holding a tablet with digital work instructions app open.

Eager to overhaul outdated documentation?

Manager using VKS work instructions to achieve optimal manufacturing standard operating procedures.

Expand the limits of your connected factory with interactive and intuitive VKS work instructions. Implementing real change on your frontline is just a few clicks away. Explore Features

Seeking to reduce production defects?

Factory workers exceed performance goals through VKS traceability features.

Expand beyond basic industry compliance by using VKS traceability features to minimize waste and defects while maximizing quality output. Get Quality Insights

Trouble closing your skills gap?

Workforce collaboration made easy with shareable tribal knowledge.

Standardize your workforce’s best practices by capturing tribal knowledge for continued future success. With VKS, every worker is now your best worker. Upskill Your Workers

Looking to transform into a connected factory?

Employee connected to integrated company softwares.

Whether you use VKS as a standalone solution or integrate it with your ERP, BI software, or Smart Tools, your connected workforce will have what they need to manufacture success. View Integrations

VKS Drives Statistics

Integrate knowledge sharing into your operations for efficient and lasting change across your frontline.
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Implementing VKS can boost production capacity without the need for additional workforce

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