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Instant Benefits

Instant Benefits of
Work Instruction Software

Your shop floor is evolving. You need an intuitive work instruction software that allows you to create step-by-step digital work instructions with speed and efficiency.

Go Paperless

No more flipping back and forth through printed pages. Save money by reducing printing costs and maximizing your ROI. Ensure all your valuable information is backed up and easily accessible.

Create Work Instructions Faster

Drag and drop pictures, videos, annotations and more to show your operators exactly what to do.

Standardize Work

Create and share work instructions to any facility at the click of a mouse and automatically translate into 25+ languages.

Less Time Training

Spend Less Time Training

The new way to onboard is through enhanced learning. Set up your new employee for success by using work instruction software. It’s as simple as showing them how to use the software one time.

Capture Tribal Knowledge

As nearly 3 million senior operators are set to retire in the next decade, it’s now more important than ever to use technology to document their tribal knowledge

Share Best Practices

Stay ahead of changing regulations and global events by quickly cross-training your operators. Providing ongoing and frequent communication about the latest best practices boosts efficiency and closes the skills gap.

Information for Those Who Need It

A work instruction software is designed to help you strike the right balance between sharing crucial information for new and senior operators alike. Allow steps in the work instructions to be skipped once operators achieve the necessary certifications.

Gain traceability

Get 100% Traceability

Maximizing traceability on the shop floor is crucial for operational efficiency, quality control, and risk reduction

Capture as You Go

Ensure the highest order of quality with easy-to-use digital quality checklists. By configuring interactive prompts to appear throughout your instructions, you can automatically capture vital data such as dimensions, weight, temperature, etc.

Boost Quality

The more data you collect, the easier it is to continuously improve. Know exactly when and how each individual part is produced through detailed historical information and reports.

Track Productivity

Collect data in real time with live KPI tracking. Track work time, job progress, speed, and efficiency.

Embrace Industry 4.0

Embrace Industry 4.0

Stay ahead of the competition by adding work instruction software to your continuous improvement success plan.

Take the Lead

Achieve next-generation leadership within your industry by developing a global view of your production through API integration and real-time reporting.

Plug & Play

Save time and increase process control by connecting your workers to Smart Tools. Leverage IoT technologies to automatically advance work instructions, capture data, and send program settings.

Be at the Cutting Edge of Smart Manufacturing

The future of manufacturing rests within a connected worker platform. Achieve Kaizen by promoting collaboration, eliminating waste, improving efficiency and maximizing productivity.