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Why Dinel Schneider Electric Chose VKS to Advance Their Production

March 18, 2022

Why Dinel Schneider Electric Chose VKS to Advance Their Production

Digital transformation is essential for modern innovation. Intelligent systems that make the most of our energy and resources enable the industry to take huge leaps forward into sustainable growth. For Dinel Schneider Electric, a leader in sensor technology, work instruction software paved the way for the next step in their digital transformation journey.

Since incorporating VKS into their operation, Dinel Schneider Electric in Gournay has benefited from increased standardization, improved sustainable practices, and a more independent and resilient workforce.

As a leading manufacturer of sensors and incredible solutions that facilitate data centers, smart homes, and sustainable buildings, Dinel Schneider Electric is committed to empowering people to make the most of their energy and resources around the world.

It was this keen vision that led Dinel Schneider Electric to advance their production line with VKS.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Sakaiza Rabefarinotrona, Dinel Schneider Electric's Methods Engineer, and Melanie Guyon, their Industrial Performance Engineer Apprentice. They outlined how VKS software has benefited their operation in the continuously evolving sphere of Industry 4.0.

Before Our Visual Work Instructions

Before VKS, Dinel Schneider Electric used paper instructions. Giving operators instructions is a good thing but there were some problems. Mainly, how do you keep these paper instructions relevant for an ever-evolving corporation?

“Our process before VKS used paper instructions with a lot of text, some drawings, no photos. Before we got VKS we did get some of our instructions updated with photos but for the most part, we were using very outdated instructions. Now with VKS, we are able to update our instructions continuously.”

Sakaiza Rabefarinotrona

Sakaiza Rabefarinotrona

Dinel Schneider Electric Methods Engineer

During our discussion, Sakaiza pointed out that paper processes are problematic, to say the least. They are hard to manage and quickly become out of date and unreliable. And paper instructions that heavily rely on text (with almost zero visuals) do not allow readers to quickly understand their tasks and responsibilities.

In light of this, Dinel Schneider Electric sought out a new way to enhance the quality of their products and the efficacy of their workforce. They assembled a team of dedicated individuals to implement VKS into their operation.

Dinel Schneider Electric

5 Reasons Dinel Schneider Electric Chose VKS

With a strong commitment to innovation, Dinel Schneider Electric saw work instruction software as a powerful digital tool — one that builds workforce skills, operational efficiency, and productivity through standardization.

With this in mind, let’s explore the 5 key reasons Dinel Schneider Electric chose to go digital with VKS and the benefits they are experiencing.

1. Complex Processes Made Easy

In our current modern industry, products are getting increasingly complex. With our software, these complex processes are broken down into manageable steps. Now, modern employees are empowered to do more and create more.

This is the case for Dinel Schneider Electric. By standardizing their best practices, they ensure that the right actions are taken at every moment. Operators are always sure of their tasks and next steps.

“Some of our processes are so complex that the only solution is VKS. We use it to respond to the needs of our operation and business.”

Sakaiza Rabefarinotrona, Dinel Schneider Electric Methods Engineer

Unlike paper, VKS also enables Dinel Schneider Electric to instantly update their work instructions. No longer do supervisors and team leads need to scour the shop floor looking for each printed instruction. Now, leaders can update one or more processes instantly when enacting continuous improvement.

2. Capturing, Storing, and Sharing Tribal Knowledge

Dinel Schneider Electric's initiatives for capturing tribal knowledge with VKS have been incredibly effective. Before any process can be standardized, the optimal procedures need to be discovered and curated.

Sakaiza relayed to us that the organization of the work instruction database is very important to them. And VKS makes capturing and organizing their tribal knowledge effective and easy. Even if Sakaiza and Melanie are absent, their employees are always able to find their instructions and get the job done with accuracy and precision.

“Thanks to VKS guidebooks and videos, it's like an expert is always beside the operator. Our workers are more autonomous as a result.”

Melanie Guyon

Melanie Guyon

Dinel Schneider Electric Industrial Performance Engineer Apprentice

VKS enables Dinel Schneider Electric to achieve resiliency and flexibility while workers gain autonomy.

3. The Power of Videos and Employee Interaction

With an interactive platform, Dinel Schneider Electric employees gain procedural context by leveraging the power of videos. This capability has become a fan favorite for their teams.

“VKS has enabled us to respond to our shop floor and visual management needs. Our production lines are very manual. Using videos to show the steps helps to create interaction with the user. VKS has helped us facilitate greater productivity with easy step by step procedures and videos.”

Sakaiza Rabefarinotrona, Dinel Schneider Electric Methods Engineer

It is said that “If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million.” Whether using pictures or videos, there is no denying that strong visuals enable workers to quickly understand their tasks and responsibilities.

Understanding the value of strong visuals for their production line, Dinel Schneider Electric is using videos to provide greater context and interaction for their workers. Operators see the work performed correctly right in front of them and then repeat the steps. This means that even new employees can pick up on skills that cannot be relayed using only written words.

With visual step-by-step methods, Sakaiza’s team is ready to face the day with clarity, comprehension, and confidence.

4. Their Employees Love VKS!

Dinel Schneider Electric employees have responded favorably to VKS over the past year. So much so that workers are energetically requesting to integrate VKS into more processes.

“Our employees love VKS. They want to have VKS on every production line. There is one production line that doesn't yet have VKS implemented and the supervisor and her team are asking for it to be installed as soon as possible.”

Sakaiza Rabefarinotrona, Dinel Schneider Electric Methods Engineer

Employees have a lot to gain with digital standardized processes. On top of gaining confidence with the right information at the right time, they also widen their skills.

This results in less dependence on only a few seasoned employees or their supervisors. In the case where an experienced operator is off sick for the day, the rest of the team can quickly fill in. This is because they have access to the expert operators' years of experience within VKS.

Dinel Schneider Electric has already integrated VKS into 75% of their processes and there seems to be no sign of slowing down. Sakaiza relayed to us that their objective is to have VKS running on 100% of their production lines in the near future.

5. Saving the Environment

Dinel Schneider Electric has always held a strong commitment to the environment, both inside and outside the company.

The push for products that last longer while using fewer resources is one of the key ways the industry can save the environment. VKS is helping Dinel Schneider Electric take this goal further with paperless processes and greater operational efficiency.

“VKS helps us to go towards zero paper in our operation. We use VKS to do reports on waste and quality as well as work instructions for our teams. With digital operations, we don't lose information and the reports are easier to look at, so we are saving lots of paper in the process.”

Sakaiza Rabefarinotrona, Dinel Schneider Electric Methods Engineer

Dinel Schneider Electric is making the most of their energy and resources by cutting out wasteful paper while improving process performance. Employee actions are standardized, which leads to employees saving time and energy.

What’s Next for Dinel Schneider Electric?

Dinel Schneider Electric is working on integrating VKS within each of their processes and products. And they have plans to go much further.

“Our objective is to have VKS on all of our production lines. After that, we aim to connect our other manufacturing software and collect in-depth insight from our operation and VKS.”

Sakaiza Rabefarinotrona, Dinel Schneider Electric Methods Engineer

Dinel Schneider Electric’s desire to advance to the next step within their digital transformation is made easy with VKS Enterprise. Through key features like our API and real-time data collection, Sakaiza and his team will be able to gather in-depth manufacturing insight.

Digitally transforming an operation is no small task. Through their use of our work instruction software, Dinel Schneider Electric is showing the world how modern manufacturing can be advanced with intelligence and sustainability. VKS is proud to work with innovative companies that push through the boundaries of modern manufacturing and strive to achieve true Industry 4.0 excellence.