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Cmp - An “Innovative Manufacturer” by Investissement Quebec

By: Yasmine Djafari

May 24, 2018

Cmp - An “Innovative Manufacturer” by Investissement Quebec

Investissement Quebec recently published an interactive map showcasing 90 innovative companies, associations, and research centers across Quebec. The project is titled “Propulser Nos Manufacturiers Innovants” and its aim is to encourage manufacturing companies in Quebec to begin adopting innovative practices and move towards Industry 4.0. Along with the interactive map, Investissement Quebec created a list of 10 solutions designed to improve Quebec’s manufacturing sector.

One of the ways Investissement Quebec has been working towards pushing the adoption of Industry 4.0 in Quebec’s manufacturing sector is through tours of the innovative companies listed on the map. One of the manufacturing companies to host a tour was CMP Advanced Mechanical Solutions. CMP is honored to be 1 of the first 20 innovative companies to be added to the “Carte Des Manufacturiers Innovants” in Quebec.

CMP Specialization CMP Advanced Mechanical Solutions is a manufacturing company with plants located in Chateauguay, Quebec and Binghamton, New York. The company is an industry leader in the manufacturing field and specializes in the manufacturing of sheet metal, machined systems, and enclosures. Medical, transportation, homeland security, and capital equipment are just some of the industries that CMP has clientele in. Some of their larger customers range from Tesla Motors to Amazon and Philips Medical.
20% One of the reasons CMP has been so successful and why they were included in Investissement Quebec’s list of innovative companies is because of its home made Industry 4.0 solution VKS. CMP’s utilisation of the VKS software reduced their internal defect rate by 95%, and increased their productivity by 20% - largely through the collaboration of their talented workforce and the resulting standardization of best practices. The software also improved the company’s new employee integration. CMP was able to successfully hire and integrate 150 new employees over a 6-month period without affecting their bottom line.
VKS on a tablet Today VKS is a leading Smart Manufacturing solution provider with customers in over 30 countries. The software provides its users with an easy to use platform to create and share work instructions made with pictures and video to help companies capture and share best practices. Users who select the Pro version of the software will gain access to data capture and reporting features for full traceability within their operations. Along with the features previously mentioned, the “Enterprise” version of VKS provides IoT capabilities, allowing users to connect any of their other software through VKS’ API.

Adam Zimmermann Marketing Intern at VKS