Learn How to Go Digital in 60 Minutes or Less

By: Brenda Santos

August 7, 2019

Learn How to Go Digital in 60 Minutes or Less

Are you currently using paper work instructions and looking for digital alternatives? This is the perfect webinar for you! Spero Zervos, our Customer Success Manager and Industry expert, will demonstrate how to go paperless in 60 minutes or less!

Join our webinar, The Digital Factory: Going Paperless In 60 Minutes or Less on August 21st, 2pm EST, where Spero Zervos will give you a first-hand look of the VKS software.

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • Transforming paper documentation to a digital format
  • How to create easy step-by-step work instructions with images, videos and more!
  • Learn how to add smart forms for quality, inspections and more.
  • At the end of the webinar, Spero will stay a bit longer to answer any questions! Here’s your chance to get your answers from an industry expert.

Click here to register!

Not able to attend the webinar? You can still book a demo with us. One of our representatives will be in contact to schedule a meeting time with you to go through the software and see how it can be implemented within your company.

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