New VKS Partnership with IMEG

By: Margarita Deviakovitch

June 18, 2019

VKS on a tablet

“Two peas in a pod” is the ideal way to describe our recent partnership with IMEG. Like us, they make it their mission to guide companies in the improvement of productivity and efficiency.

IMEG helps customers implement VKS and create work instructions by converting processes into digital and visual formats.

“Our partnership with IMEG has been extremely valuable for both VKS as a company, and more importantly, for our customers,” explains Ryan Zimmermann, VKS’ Director of Business Development. “IMEG are experts in the deployment & creation of VKS work instructions and are able to provide turnkey services for companies looking to go digital and more visual with their work instructions. I am confident that together, we will enhance quality and efficiency in processes.”

“Companies looking to transition into Industry 4.0 can greatly benefit from the services offered by VKS and IMEG,” adds MEG’s Engineering Manager, Emily Stroh. “Our partnership with VKS has allowed us to better assist our clients with improving their quality and increasing productivity. VKS is a modern tool that makes on the job training more efficient, by utilizing digital documentation that is easier to manage due to the use of up to date technology.”

Established in 2006, Industrial Management and Engineering Group, LLC (IMEG) features a robust portfolio of continuous improvement solutions. From Kaizen process improvement methodology, all the way to 3D modelling, plant layout development, value stream mapping, time study, work standardization, and more, their services are as ample as they are comprehensive.

Capturing knowledge and data through work instructions and quality documentations are among their top specialties, as is the analysis of material flow, ergonomics, and productivity.

With the advent of Industry 4.0, turning tribal knowledge into digital work instructions is now more important than ever. Implementing changes today is critical, which is why we’re very excited to add our VKS work instructions to IMEG’s line-up of solutions.

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