Top 3 Benefits of Industry 4.0 & Machining

By: Margarita Deviakovitch

24. Oktober 2019

Top 3 Benefits of Industry 4.0 & Machining

Ready to dive into VKS?Just one day before Halloween, we will be hosting a webinar covering the “Top 3 Benefits of Industry 4.0 & Machining”.

Join us on October 30th at 2pm as we go over how to create standard user instructions for machining parts and deburring after the machining process. See how easy it is to combine pictures, text, and video to create a streamlined process, while also collecting critical data like serial numbers, program numbers, and quality checklists.

The VKS work instruction software goes hand in hand with machining jobs. And to demonstrate this, Spero will go over the:

  • Need for every machining company to go paperless by next year
  • 3 Benefits of digital work instructions in a machining environment

You’ll also get to see the VKS software in action in this exclusive presentation. In just one hour, you’ll learn:

  • How to create VKS work instructions using pictures and videos.
  • Identify correct PPE
  • Verify the fixturing
  • Point out locators for parts
  • Streamline step-by-step procedures
  • Create product information forms (PIFs) and quality checklists
  • Add form checklists for program number verification
  • Add links to toll sheets
  • Add verification for tools and pins to be removed from work areas.
  • Separate work instructions for deburring parts using a combination of pictures & videos.

Finally, Spero will go over the data you can collect and export using the VKS software. You will also learn how to export your data using the VKS API into any MES, ERP, or other software.


As always, you’ll have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you want at any time during the presentation or afterwards during the live Q&A . We truly mean it when we say that it’s Spero’s favorite part of the webinar. During the last webinar, he had a blast answering more than 70 questions! Will you join the conversation on October 30th?

Want a private demonstration of the VKS software instead? Book a demo instead.

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