On November 21, 2016, CMP Advanced Mechanical Solutions and Visual Knowledge Software Ltd (VKS) welcomed in their facilities a group of leaders from different organizations from the Montreal area. These businesses were invited by ide, a professional network dedicated to equip leaders with innovative ideas in diverse industries such as manufacturing, institutional and service. CMP & VKS presented the many advantages of becoming  a smart factory.

A brief history of manufacturing

We hear a lot about “industry 4.0”. What does that actually mean? Let’s go back in time with the First Industrial Revolution that took place from 1760 to 1870. The rise of the steam engines and the electrical telegraph marked that period during 110 years. The Second Industrial Revolution, from 1870 to 1969, was all about electricity and mass production through the use of the assembly line. It lasted 99 years. The Third Industrial Revolution, starting in 1970 and finishing in 2010, made room for robotics, automation and computing, this took place in less than half a century. As you can see, things are going faster than ever.

We are now witnessing the Fourth Industrial Revolution, better known as Industry 4.0, which started in 2010 and is still in force today. We are in the industrial era of data management and analysis, advanced manufacturing processes, cyber-physical systems, autonomous robotics and machinery, cloud computing and so on. The main goal of this highly connected processes is to collect data in real time, which allows companies to better navigate in their environment and to stream decisions based on real time activity.

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Showcasing advanced solutions created by Visual Knowledge Share

CMP & VKS had the opportunity to showcase its activities by highlighting to the guest executives the many benefits of industry 4.0 and becoming a Smart Factory. CMP Advanced Mechanical Solutions, the sister company of VKS, has been a leader in applying innovative technologies to manufacturing. Demonstrations of its connected factory were made during the CMP tour. VKS, which was created in a manufacturing environment, provides software that maximizes productivity.

Before VKS, there was a need to address important issues such as over-reliance on tribal knowledge, lack of standardization, increasingly complex products and processes, as well as loss of knowledge due to an aging workforce and high turnover rates.

.Moreover, paperless instructions are highly appreciated for their environmental benefits.

Statistics say it all, thanks to VKS’ innovative solutions.

  • 20% increase in productivity
  • 95% reduction in defects
  • 100% traceability
  • Improved employee flexibility
  • Reduction in training time
  • Standardization
Do you want to Keep your Knowledge in house

In conclusion

We are living the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, better known as Industry 4.0. VKS presented to the executives the proven benefits of becoming a Smart Factory.

It’s time to take advantage of the great opportunities that the VKS software has to offer. Book a demo with us today!

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more posts to come!

Berenice Mengo

Online Marketing Specialist

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