Smart Factory Presentation: Industry 4.0 is the future!

By: Yasmine Djafari

29. September 2016

Smart Factory Presentation

VKS, Merkur, STIQ and CMP hosted a demonstration on the 20th of September 2016, to exhibit the benefits and versatility of the VKS software in action at the CMP facility.

Fifty members of the STIQ association were taken on a tour, in which guides and implementation experts explained the different ways VKS can be used to create a smart factory whilst capturing and seamlessly sharing best practices through paperless work instructions.

An overview of the route is shown below :

The Presentation

  1. Gathering point & Presentation Room.
  2. Visser Coller - Complex Assembly and Tool integration.
  3. Hardware insertion - Error reduction in a high risk area.
  4. Fabs - Maintenance and part protection.
  5. Press Brakes - Integration with advanced machines.
  6. General assembly - Productivity key performance indicators.
  7. Knowledge centre - VKS implementation method samples

VKS on the shop floor

VKS allows you to capture and share work instructions and knowledge effectively, while providing an overview of the manufacturing operations, giving companies the data they need to improve continuously.

With the revival of manufacturing in North America, companies are looking to leverage innovative technologies to stay ahead. Thanks to the Internet, new technologies and the skilled workforce, companies are now able to break boundaries and achieve operational excellence.

The key to this success is the workforce within these organizations. With a 28% turnover rate in the manufacturing sector in the US, it is essential that companies have solutions in place to help capture and secure knowledge, best practices and innovative ideas to achieve their goals.

Merkur is a consulting engineering firm, guiding companies towards Industry 4.0. Merkur utilizes best practice project management, the latest manufacturing technologies and live data exchange to ensure productivity gains are consistently achieved across any project.

STIQ, is an association that aims to support manufacturing companies in Quebec to improve their competitiveness, were eager about how VKS could help them to become a Smart Factory of the future.

CMP is a sheet metal transformation company that supports several sectors including medical, telecommunications, light rail, industrial and security systems.

VKS is your solution for knowledge security, best practice capture and paperless work instructions. Contact VKS today, don’t let your knowledge walk out the door!

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