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VKS Goes International!

By: Brenda Santos

January 7, 2020

VKS goes international

What can we say, last year was an amazing year for VKS! Aside from releasing our long-awaited feature, DataConnect, developing workstations (first showcased at tradeshows, available soon to the public in 2020), or updating our website (hope you noticed our new sleek design), we have also opened a new office across the pond. We are now introducing a brand new location in Edinburgh, Scotland, The IoT Development Center!

Why Edinburgh? Why not Edinburgh?! First off, the city is surrounded by castles, the perfect fit for the King of Work Instructions. Secondly, this allows us to be closer to our many European clients and provide better customer service.

Joining the expansion in Edinburgh is Evgeniy Pozndnyakov, our Senior Front End Team Lead. Having started in our head office located in the South Shore of Montreal, Evgeniy has since relocated with his wife and children to the nearly 900-year-old city. He raves about how much he loves the city and has been enjoying the architecture in Scotland. In terms of the office, he adores the new modern look and feel of it and let’s not forget about the location, it’s right in the heart of the downtown core!

In other updates, we finally have a presence in one of the most advanced countries when it comes to industry 4.0. Can you guess where that is? If you are thinking of Germany, then you guessed right! As of right now, we are happy to have a representative in Europe as the market is booming with opportunities.

Lastly, this isn’t a new location, but not everyone may be aware of this, we also have an office in Binghamton, NY.

Here’s a little history of how VKS started, we originally were born from our sister company, CMP. In need of a tool that would streamline daily operations, CMP developed the VKS software. With the installation of VKS, CMP noticed a 20% increase in productivity, a 99% reduction in training time, and defects went down by 95%! After seeing a huge success with the new software, a new opportunity was presented to sell and target VKS to other manufacturing companies to help share the same achievement as CMP. That being said, CMP also has a location in Binghamton, where VKS employees work as well.

We had one busy 2019! With thousands of users and customers in more than 35 countries, it only made sense for us to expand internationally. Opening our new IoT Development Center in Edinburgh is the tip of the iceberg of what is in store for VKS! From our head office in Montreal, Quebec to our Sales office in Binghamton, New York, the addition of our two locations within Europe expands our global footprint to 4 countries!

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