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5 Things You Didn't Know About VKS

By: Berenice Mengo

mercredi, décembre 14 2016

5 things about VKS

Our readers know that the Visual Knowledge Share (VKS) is an application that helps companies increase their productivity by digitally documenting its processes to avoid knowledge loss. They also know that VKS can help eliminate defects by maximizing the quality of production. The purpose of this article is to address some questions people may have about VKS because we believe that communicating helps for better understanding. Let’s uncover truths about VKS that might change your perception of our product.

1. VKS can be used in any industry, not just manufacturing.

VKS was born from a manufacturer’s experience, CMP. The industry was facing several challenges such as lack of standardization, knowledge loss due to an aging workforce and high turnover, dependence on tribal knowledge, more complex products and processes, expensive quality and productivity failures. It’s still the case today for those who didn’t update their working methods. These issues are noticeable in several other industries, not just in manufacturing. In fact, all industries that depend on tribal knowledge and printed work instructions are facing the same challenges. Good news! VKS is here to meet all those needs. Whichever industry you are in, if you are producing goods, training employees, maintaining or repairing installations, VKS is the right tool for the job to be done flawlessly.

2. Don’t be afraid of the ‘APIs’, they can actually save the day!

An API (Application programming interface) is a method of communication between different software. Information comes in and you can send information back. In some contexts using an API can seem like a hurdle to overcome, yet the reality is that APIs are very secure and have many advantages. In fact, the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) relies heavily on the usage of APIs and is helping companies across the globe integrate their various systems for improved performance in every industry ranging from retail to manufacturing. Therefore, using an API can help you eliminate a lot of paper routings and those ‘thousands’ of manual ERP transactions. Let VKS do the work for you!

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3. A new version of VKS is coming out soon!

We’ve been working hard the last few years to be able to offer to our customers the #1 work instruction tool available on the market. We plan to keep this title and can’t wait to present you the new version of VKS with many enhancements, and a lot of new features to take advantage of! We’ll be unveiling them soon, stay tuned for more!

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4. Lots of new content on our website!

We’ve got a great marketing team, which is working hard to improve the content of our website. New articles, tips, insights, pictures and videos will embellish our website. Stay tuned and be the first to know!

5. VKS is an experienced, young and dynamic team.

VKS is made of experienced workers that put their expertise to build long lasting solutions to the complex issues you face today. Moreover, VKS is mostly made of young people that are putting their energy into the most innovative solution available. Our team is growing as we’re adding more talent to offer you the best service. With the VKS team, you are in good hands!

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