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5 Things You Didn't Know About VKS

By: Mihaela Bumbu

July 3, 2020

5 Things You Didn't Know About VKS

You may know that our software helps manufacturing companies increase productivity by digitally recording best practices to avoid the loss of tribal knowledge. You may also know that using our software can help you eliminate defects by maximizing production quality, while streamlining the adoption of Industry 4.0. But, there are other interesting facts about VKS which have *almost *nothing to do with digital work instructions or ordinary manufacturing software. In this article, you will discover five surprising facets about our company!

1. VKS Is Industry Versatile

VKS can be used in any industry, not just manufacturing. It doesn't matter if your company is producing toys, training employees to handcraft knives, flying to the moon, or even operating a restaurant, VKS can be used to boost productivity while keeping at bay other issues.

It's true that VKS was born from a manufacturer’s experience, hence our sister company - CMP. When CMP was facing challenges such as lack of standardization, knowledge loss due to an aging workforce, and high turnover, and also high dependence on tribal knowledge, they thought it's time for a tool to address these challenges.

VKS was built to do just that, but now at an international level while it's serving an array of industries in more than 30 countries. From helping companies build planes and aerospace equipment to addressing the ever arising challenges in the consumer goods industry, the automotive industry, and many others.

Read how VKS helps students build robots in 32 minutes, on their first try!

2. VKS Is On A Continuous Improvement Path

Smart Tools Change is good. Moreover, we believe it is inevitable and this is why VKS has a kaizen approach embedded in its operations.

We are constantly working towards perfecting our software and giving our customers the freedom to use VKS without the hassle of managing tons of paper while acting outside SaaS constraints.

Our latest leap towards a more connected workspace gives VKS users the ability to break the browser chains and send the Pset (Parameter Set or required torque value) directly to their shopfloor's smart tools by only using the browser connectivity.

This ability right here is setting a new IoT standard for both us and all the SaaS manufacturing tools on the market which again proves how the kaizen approach uses small incremental changes to continuously deliver improvement.

3. VKS Is Building Medical Ventilators

Aira VentilatorEvery now and then, an unexpected crisis is bound to happen, but it's our ability to adapt and overcome it. This shapes the future of both the industries that we operate in, and as is the case with the COVID-19 pandemic, the future of all almost everything.

All manufacturers using VKS felt its adaptability power by being able to quickly switch gears and start producing PPE and medical ventilators. We happen to be part of two pandemic-born ventilator stories.

Partnering with The Ventilator Project start-up we were able to help their team use VKS digital work instructions to quickly design and ready for production Aira, the medical ventilator that is FDA-approved in the US now. In only 3 months the TVP team was able to both, build a ventilator to support COVID-19 patients and to reinvent the supply chain model entirely.

Our second story revolves around the CAE Machine CAE giant that usually builds flight simulators and which amidst the pandemic was mandated by the Canadian government to supply 10,000 made-in-Canada ventilators.

To be able to design and build a ventilator that passed Health Canada certification they deployed all designs and manufacturing instructions through the VKS platform which gave them the opportunity to realize this project in a record two months' time. CAE Air1 Ventilator is now the proud Canadian response to the coronavirus crisis, and we are proud to be part of it.

4. Catch Us At Every Tradeshow!

We’ve got a great team that's always on the move to catch the newest Industry 4.0 solutions and bring them to manufacturers around the world. From Chicago's IMTS that's considered the biggest manufacturing show in the world to Global Industrie in France, MECSPE in Italy, and a myriad of other innovation-focused events happening in the US and Canada, VKS has traveled to exhibit there.

Due to the health crisis that turned the world upside down most of our scheduled shows have been canceled, but a number of them have migrated towards offering online integrated platforms for Industry 4.0 followers where you can virtually visit our VKS booth. To see where we're headed next, be sure to keep an eye on our events to see where you can catch Mat, Eric, Spero or Eugene next. Either follow the direct links, to shows like SEMICON West or METAV that went digital for the first time, or follow us directly on social media for any last-minute updates.

VKS Booth

5. VKS Focuses On Wellness Internally

Work hard, Play hard - is our motto. We focus on a healthy and active lifestyle, fun times at the office as well as outside of it, and continuous improvement in every aspect of our activities.

Having a great team that enjoys putting its energy into the most innovative solutions brings forward new ideas every day. For example, we got a domino effect after Margarita, our Digital Marketing Specialist, thought it would be great to order a standing desk. A few weeks after almost everyone enjoys sipping their coffee while standing up.

VKS Team

Another interesting fact you probably didn't know is that VKS has an active Health Safety and Wellness Manager that makes sure we eat our veggies, have daily stretch breaks at the office, and coordinates all the fun activities going on. Apart from having a gym at the office packed with fitness classes, the VKS team enjoys its summer volleyball tournaments outside along with the cafeteria healthy lunches after a tough brain workout.

VKS continues to grow and is always searching for New Talent! Be sure to check our Careers Page for open positions.