Release Alert - VKS 5.0 is here!

By: Ryan Zimmermann

13. Februar 2017

Release Alert - VKS 5.0 is here!

We are proud to announce the launch of VKS 5.0, the newest release of the VKS Solution! Take advantage of the new features in the smartest and most innovative work instructions solution on the market! Made of hard work and devotion, R5 will fulfill your needs for more productivity, quality, and profitability! Be excited about discovering the awesome perks of VKS 5.0 !

What are R5’s features?

Shared Forms

You can now take advantage of VKS’ latest enhancement to our interactive Form feature! Shared Forms allow users to create interactive Forms that can be automatically inserted into any selection of Guidebooks, ranging from 1 to 1000s! Simply create the Form and set it to appear in every Guidebook within a specific work center, product line, customer folder, and more! Need to make a change? No problem! Update the Shared Form and perform the mass update within all Guidebooks automatically!

Rule Engine

Do you have certain rules and processes you need to have applied within your Work Instructions? If so this is the feature for you! Available as both a Shared Object and standalone feature within Guidebooks, our new Rule Engine feature allows customers to apply specific actions and reactions to events within VKS. Simply create a Shared Rule applicable to all Guidebooks within a work center, product line, customer folder, and more, or create a local Rule specific to a Guidebook and watch as VKS guarantees the process control you are looking for! Guarantee values are within tolerance, proper sub-components are installed and that your Work Instructions will react according to your processes! You can now define what actions you would like VKS to take if an inspection fails. Prompt for non-conformances, send emails, prompt for supervisor approval to continue production and more!


Balancing the fine line between employee training and shop floor productivity can sometimes be a difficult task. With our new Certification feature, companies can guarantee operators do not perform production work without the necessary qualifications. Ranging from new employee training to job specific training, this is the feature that will help you guarantee all of your operators are certified and qualified to perform their production work.

Communication Groups

Easily create Communication Groups within VKS for the management of communication from your shop floor. Whether you are looking for a continuous improvement group to manage employee suggestions, or a production management group to monitor delays, this is the feature to guarantee the relevant people are always informed and up to date on critical information being sent from VKS.

Approval Process

The Submit for Review feature has always been a fan favorite! We've now taken it one step further for those in need of a multi-tiered approval process. With this latest update, companies can now define strict process flows of approval for their Work Instructions. Simply set up your Approval Workflow and guarantee that Work Instructions never hit the floor without the necessary approvals.

Easily guarantee your Work Instructions are approved through engineering, quality, production and more!

Try VKS R5’s new features today! Book a free demo here!


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