By: Berenice Mengo

13. Dezember 2016


2016 has been a year full of great news. New customers, new employees, new partnerships… It has been a busy year so far and as it’s ending, the Visual Knowledge Share (VKS) team is working hard to improve our customer's experience. It’s no wonder our solution is present in over 30 countries. VKS simply works. Our solution truly benefits companies as it helps them enhance the quality of their products and increase their productivity. As we’re about to say farewell to 2016, here are some major news to remember from this successful year!

New customers

We are really happy to have gained the trust of many new customers this year! We couldn't be more excited to continue to offer our clients the best experience possible. VKS is a story of vision, boldness and success, and we are just getting started!

New employees

VKS is happy to welcome new employees to its team. Software Developers, Marketing Specialists, and Sales Associates all joined the crew to serve you better and make you proud of being a VKS user.

New partnerships

VKS is delighted to have partnered with companies such as Exact, Merkur, Stanley and Adriano. Every partnership we make is to help you become a smart factory and to enter the exciting era of industry 4.0 - the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Curious about the industry 4.0? Learn more here: 4 Design Principles for Industry 4.0 Technology.

New agile methodology

VKS attended the Agile Tour 2016 in Montreal. Our delegation enjoyed conferences by Jason Little, Henrik Kniberg and Simon De Baene among others. One aspect of the agile methodology is that the customer is at the center of all actions. In fact, agile organizations such as VKS work closely with their customers in order to serve them better. VKS is eager to develop that agile approach as an organizational culture, and offer an ever better customer-centered application.

Live the VKS’ experience at the Agile Tour Montreal 2016 here: VKS, an Agile Enterprise.

New tradeshows

This year, VKS exhibited at more than 10 trade shows around the world. This depicts the growing interest of industries towards our product and its many benefits. Watch our social media for the latest news about our participation at international events. Come and see us whenever we’re around your location!

Volunteering at We Day

We Day is an international event that celebrates and empowers today’s youth by helping to make a difference in both local and global communities. Two of VKS' employees were Honored Guests at the Montreal’s event. They also volunteered as Me-to-We Ambassadors, selling fair-trade products to collect money in order to fund humanitarian causes around the globe. VKS is a proud supporter of the We Charity (formerly known as Free The Children) and is excited to do its part to make the world a better place.

Click to learn more about our wonderful experience at We Day.

On behalf of the VKS family, we wish you a very pleasant holiday season!

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