VKS and KanbanBOX develop partnership to help companies enhance their productivity!

We are extremely proud and excited to announce our partnership with KanbanBOX, a leading edge Supply Chain management software company.

Visual Knowledge Share (VKS) is a powerful digital work instruction software that helps manufacturing companies in any industry boost quality, profitability, and productivity. Our application allows organizations to standardize on best practices and collect real-time production data. It also allows companies to connect with machines, and other software such as an ERPs, MES and more to become a truly smart and agile factory.

With VKS, you can create, edit and share intuitive step-by-step visual work instructions using annotated pictures, videos, and more. VKS is a multilingual application that is used in over 30 countries today.

KanbanBOX is a web-based Supply Chain Collaboration software for the management of Kanban materials that specifically revolve around the production usage, and sales and purchasing process. Using the electronic Kanban (e-Kanban) solution, this collaborative Supply Chain suite allows companies to know the state of the entire value chain at any time by tracing the filling up and emptying of the kanban Supermarket. The electronic Kanban system by KanbanBOX solves all the critical challenges of a manual Kanban system, by reducing the possibility of error, monitoring the status of internal materials flow and recording real-time variations in consumption and supply. Moreover, KanbanBOX solves the difficulties of stockholding, providing real-time communication with customers and suppliers.

This partnership aims to enable companies to use electronic solutions to improve productivity by being able to capture in process quality data, productivity metrics, and operator feedback, therefore reducing errors!

For more information regarding VKS and Kanbanbox, please visit https://vksapp.com or www.kanbanbox.com .

Ryan Zimmermann
Director of Business Development
Francesco Dall’Oca
Managing Partner
+39 349 8924482

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