VKS is delighted to announce its partnership with Adriano

By: Berenice Mengo

25. November 2016

VKS is delighted to announce its partnership with Adriano

Innovation is an essential element that drives success and profit in modern companies. To achieve these companies need to be attentive to market trends, new technologies and lean approaches to manufacturing.

Partnering with a company with similar goals, together, VKS and Adriano will be able to provide tailored and innovative solutions for companies while maintaining their focus on productivity, quality and efficiency.

VKS is a Quebec based company that provides a solution that can help companies to improve their productivity and profitability.

This powerful software allows companies to create and share , training manuals, maintenance procedures, control plans and more…

A VKS work instruction guides a user through a step by step process to complete their tasks. Made from your best practices.

As the work instructions are carried out, Managers have the ability to review progress through real time key performance indicators (KPI) and Reports. Live information for live support.

Companies can also easily integrate and connect VKS with tools, machines and existing software's within their organizations.

Adriano Engineering is a dynamic company focused on Industry 4.0 Real-Time Embedded Systems along the full Product Life Cycle, that generates manufacturing intelligence, for data-driven decisions. Headquartered in Monterrey Mexico they offer turnkey solutions from Prototype Validation to Mass Production Testing, Process Automation & Industrial Machinery. Their mission is to design and develop high-value products in order to level up their customer’s productivity and competitiveness through tailored and cost-effective high technology solutions following internationally recognized methodologies and standards for total customer satisfaction.

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