VKS is delighted to announce its partnership with Merkur

By: Yasmine Djafari

31. Mai 2016

VKS is delighted to announce its partnership with Merkur

Our current generation is driven to a constant and immeasurable digital growth. This expansion into the digital age has improved all aspects of Quebec society and the world. To participate in the continuity of this advent, VKS and Merkur decided to unite through a business partnership.

Merkur, being the leader in the management and implementation of new manufacturing technologies Will help many companies benefit by offering VKS, the revolutionary new solution and leader work instruction software.

VKS is a powerful software to create and share standardized work instuctions, training manuals, maintenance procedures, control plans and more. It is also possible to obtain real-time information such as key performance indicators (KPI) and can also easily integrate and connect with tools, machines and existing software's within organizations.

Merkur has assisted industrial companies for over 20 years in their development and growth thanks to their leading-edge engineering, their efficiency improvement approach and their multidisciplinary team of passionate experts.

The collaboration between VKS and Merkur will therefore enable companies to benefit from strong expertise in both operational excellence in industrialization, which will now be supported by an innovative digital platform aligned with the concept of industry 4.0.

The common goal of VKS and Merkur is to consistently increase productivity and quality of manufacturing.

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