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New VKS Partnership with IMEG

“Two peas in a pod” is the ideal way to describe our recent partnership with IMEG. Like us, they make it their mission to guide companies in the improvement of productivity and efficiency.

IMEG helps customers implement VKS and create work instructions by converting processes into digital and visual formats.

The Origami Experiment - Paper Versus VKS

Did you hear about the Origami Business? It folded.

Do you know what won’t fold? Your business if you switch to a digital factory.

Here at VKS, we often like to remind companies that switching to digital work instructions is proven to reduce training time by 99% and decrease defects by 95%. It also increases productivity by 20% -- if not more!

[Webinar] The Digital Factory: Going Paperless is Easier than You Think

Going paperless is so easy that our very own Customer Success Manager and Industry 4.0 expert, Spero Zervos, is going to demonstrate in less than 60 minutes how your company can achieve a complete digital transformation from A to Z.

Join Spero on a virtual tour of the VKS software during his webinar, The Digital Factory: Going Paperless Is Easier than You Think on March 20th, 2019, at either 9am or 2pm EST.