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CMP listed as an “Innovative Manufacturer” by Investissement Quebec!

Investissement Quebec recently published an interactive map showcasing 90 innovative companies, associations, and research centers across Quebec. The project is titled “Propulser Nos Manufacturiers Innovants” and its aim is to encourage manufacturing companies in Quebec to begin adopting innovative practices and move towards Industry 4.0. Along with the interactive map, Investissement Quebec created a list of 10 solutions designed to improve Quebec’s manufacturing sector.

The Zero-Defect Production Concept - Industry 4.0, A Paradigm Change in the making.

Industry 4.0 is the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies[1]. By focusing on the end-to-end digitization of everything, connecting and integrating digital environments with value chain partners, Industry 4.0 networks a wide range of new technologies to create value by generating, analyzing and communicating data seamlessly. This interaction between hardware, software, and communication results in fully automatic logistic systems, driverless transport systems equipped with integrated sensors technology and RFID advanced technology.

Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing

Shannon Bennett, the Business Development Manager at VKS visited California State University, Fullerton on Friday, March, 2 to discuss Industry 4.0 and modern manufacturing with Professor Sagil James and his class of 40 graduate & undergraduate engineering students. The goal was to explain how tribal knowledge dependency and poor process documentation can affect performance outcomes, and how to fix those issues.

4 Objectives Of An MES (Manufacturing Execution System)

Manufacturing operations have always been complex and costly. As products become more intricate and complicated, the tools needed to control the many aspects of the operation become essential. Manufacturing Execution System (MES) applications are designed to do just that by coordinating the planning, monitoring and execution of every part of the operation from order release to shipping.

4 Steps To A Smart Factory

Manufacturing is complicated, there’s no way around that. It’s the complexity in processes, materials, components and supply chains that drive much of the variability in quality, and have dramatic impacts on productivity. It’s the resulting drain on profitability that incentivizes manufacturers to revolutionize their factories. Let's have a look at the 4 steps to a Smart Factory you need to be implementing into your company today. Making this transition from a legacy factory where so much is unknown to a smart factory is nothing less that a paradigm shift both technically and in terms of the people involved.