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Release Alert - VKS 5.0 is here!

We are proud to announce the launch of R5, the newest release of the VKS Solution! Take advantage of the new features in the smartest and most innovative work instructions solution on the market! Made of hard work and devotion, R5 will fulfill your needs for more productivity, quality, and profitability! Be excited about discovering the awesome perks of VKS 5.0 !


You certainly know Visual Knowledge Share (VKS) as the visual work instructions solution that helps companies enhance their productivity. Let’s now hear from a person that uses VKS on a daily basis. Thanks to Mr. Gabriel Dumouchel, a CMP employee and a VKS daily user, we can learn a bit more about working with VKS and find some insights that might help you consider the switch to become a smart factory as CMP did years ago.

4 Design Principles for Industry 4.0 Technology

What is Industry 4.0 ? Revolutions typically bring to mind powerful social movements where an existing form of government is overthrown, in favor of something more desirable. Think about the American Revolution for a moment, and you’ll soon understand how this is closely related to Manufacturing and Industry 4.0. During the last half of the 18th century, a cluster of newly formed colonies desired....