Our experience at WE DAY

By: Yasmine Djafari

1. März 2016

Our experience at WE DAY

We Day is an international event that celebrates, and empowers the youth of today in helping to make a difference in both local and global communities. With inspirational speakers, success stories, and celebrities, it is a motivational event that not only celebrates the social actions of these members, but also motivates and empowers others to do the same.

We decided to share with you our wonderful experience at We Day.

Here is our story …

On the February 22nd, we had been invited to attend We Day Montreal at theatre Saint Denis as honored guests. We were warmly welcomed by the volunteer team members.

Throughout the day we had the honor of hearing many stories about survivors who had fought through illness, poverty, and violence, and how these experiences affected the way others saw them. Alongside these inspirational people, we had the pleasure to witness artists that came to show their support, and to congratulate all the students in the crowd for committing themselves to this great movement.

On the 23rd of February, we started our volunteer work as Me-To-We Ambassadors. In charge of selling products such as bracelets and other jewelry made by women in Africa, we were able to collect money that will be used to help fund humanitarian causes across the globe.

Spending the day as Me-To-We Ambassadors was a wonderful experience as it not only allowed us to contribute to this great cause, but also gave us the pleasure of witnessing the children and their motivation to continue to push the boundaries and provide support through social action. Alongside this group of motivational youth we found the inspirational teachers and educational instructors who have helped to guide the children down this path of social action.

At VKS we are proud supporters of this cause as we believe that it is everyone's responsibility - individual and corporation alike - to support the youth of today, the environment, and sustainable development across the globe. Through the addition of many contributions a big impact can be made for the benefit of all.

We would like to thank WE.org, the founders Craig & Marc Kielburger, and our local representative Annie Ethier for taking the time to put on this event. Without their efforts none of this would be possible. Through a brief introduction to these individuals we can tell you with certainty that they are highly motivated, morally driven individuals that help to inspire the youth around them.

Thank you for taking the time to read our post, and don’t forget to make a difference whenever, and wherever you can!

Have a nice day!

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